TMNT Wallpaper


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    Based on the color of his mask and elbow wraps, that’s Rafael. Rafarl carries sais, not a sword. Image is still cool though.


    Actually, in the original blood-drenched comics, all four turtles wore red masks.

    tiki god

    The original works had them all in the same color…


    My favorite part from issue #1 is when the turtles save April O’Neil from getting mugged. Rafael pins a guys head to a wall by stabbing him in the forehead with his sai.

    tiki god

    beat me by 20 seconds natakamus


    I stand very corrected.


    I cannot recommend the original TMNT comics highly enough – cool chunky art, weird characters, amusing dialogue, and really cool fights. The cartoon was fun, but I always preferred the darkness of the original.

    tiki god

    Have they collected the first issues in any kind of TPB yet? I had some of the issues, but they were later in the series, so I have no idea what the REALLY early works were like…




    Is there anywhere online that has a repository of them? I hadn’t even known there were comics of them up til now, and now I want more. o__o

    tiki god

    well, other then z-cultfm or I’m not sure where else you could possibly look. Mile High comics might have some to purchase.


    Actually… I found the first issue at least in ultra low resolution:


    whats with the worms in the bak ground?

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