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This Of her as your mother.

She only wants what’s best for you

A cool drink. A good dinner.

A soft pillow and a warm blanket.

This is not just maternal instinct. It’s the result of the longest Stweardess training in the industry.

Training in service, not just a beauty course.

Service, after all, is what makes professional travellers prefer American.

And makes new travellers want to keep on flying with us.

So we see that every passenger gets the same professional treatment.

That’s the American Way.

Fly the American Way

American Airlines.

Oedipus says what?
From Vintage_ads

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    Howie Feltersnatch

    Mmmm…air mattresses. You ever meet one in a bar, and you know you’re getting laid that night.

    (or trolley dolleys, or sky sluts, or nut handlers)



    will need therapy for that whole Oedipus thingy.


    Well, I don’t think all FAs are “nut handlers”, “trolley dolleys” or “sky sluts”, but I have met some AA and Continental stews and they are beyond sluts. They are just spreading Eagle in the air… I have had a group of these sluts following me around for sometime now trying to get me to take them in and support them. What psycho bitches. The CEOS of these airlines need to clean up the galley crews. They need to realize if they are portrayed as sluts, they will be treated as sluts. If anyone is looking for sluts who will… Read more »


    I would be deeply disturbed if mom looked at me like that.