Hardly Boys in The Case Of The World Trade Center Conspiracy


Man, I remember the Hardy Boys!  When I read their books, they were in the CIA and shit, and one of the boy’s girlfriend was killed in the first book, and they were trying to track down the sumbitchs that did that shit, and they were going to fuck him up good.
Then I went back and read all the old books, and I was like, ‘wtf’, where’s the CIA.

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    I remember the Hardly Boys when they were on Southpark investigating the World Trade Center Conspiracy.

    “I’m getting a raging clue!”.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    I just shot clue goo all over my pants.


    Isn’t this an actual screen grab from the south park episode?


    Yeah it is.

    That’s why I pointed that out.

    Please see above.