The Joy Of Not Being Sold Anything Graffiti

Man, if that ain’t the truth. I hate places that have advertisements all over the place.Oh wait. fuck. nevermind.

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    Banksy is amazing. his work is absolutly amazing.


    This site has ads?

    It’s funny, it’s been so long since I got my setup tuned to block every ad and PPC on google and what not that I’m just used to not seeing them now.

    tiki god

    Thanks for the support magnusbutfoorson with help like yours, we’ll be able to keep the site up for years to come!

    You do know you’re missing out on a lot of TEXT BOOK opportunities, or HOT E-MAIL LEADS, right?


    Got to love that… but soon, just like everything else, there will be a company logo slapped on one of those.