OSX vs Vista


From Gizmodo

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    There is only one disk for Vista, you just buy a different key.

    and you dont have to pay for the service packs / upgrades

    tiki god

    yeah so? still doesn’t help the fact that there’s a dozen different flavors of Vista


    It doesn’t matter which flavor you pick, they all taste like shit.


    Insert comical blizzard rts catchphrase here.


    Hey, with releases 6 years apart I don’t see any problems with vista. In the same time Apple forces you to buy 4-5 versions of osx just to use new software. Each the price of a vista ultimate homebuilder edition. OSX sucks AND blows. Bigtime.


    Well although I confess that my XP breaks all the time (so much its not funny) I hate Mac. So much. I’ll tell you why? It’s so hard to find anything!!! I mean come on Mac, toss us a bone!!


    @ izzy- I use to have the same problem, but, in reverse. I just decided to learned how do do things on a “Windows” machine.
    @ DingDong- Yep your a DingDong.
    If you two were up to speed you would learn how to operate BOTH!!


    “do do things”?? Yep I’m drunk!!


    Honestly, I really don’t care how many versions of OS they make, what really gets my goat is how they’ve rammed them all down our throats…

    I absolutely abhor how M$ uses forced obsolesence and manufacturers incentives to force everyone to buy whatever operating system will make them the most money at any given time.

    And as if that wasn’t enough, they insist on releasing more and more bloated, insecure but pretending to be so very security conscious, carcasses of code, masquerading as operating systems…

    I freaking hate that…