Fantastic Four Losers

I watched this, and it suffered from being over acted, under budgeted, and lack of story. My Favorite part: The Human Torch outruns a laser beam! Anyone else seen this gem?

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    I’ve heard about it, but haven’t seen it. I have seen the old Captain America movie that was just as bad.


    I have seen this pile of crap and believe it or not it was worse than Captain America. I have heard it was so bad that Marvel payed the production company not to release it. I think this accounts for the bad special effects (they were placeholders for a post production that never finished) but is hardly an excuse for everything else that is wrong with this flick. Not that the more recent one was much better. On a side note the guy who played johnny torch was in quite a made for cable movies as a kid. Anyone remember… Read more »


    Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch both have Conan O’Brien hair.


    I saw it. I heard that they paid (God I cant remember his name right now) NOT to release it. They blew the entire budget in the last 10 minutes of special effects with the torch.


    it was almost as bad as the one with Jessica Alba


    I wish I did!


    This was an ashcan movie. It was made so they could retain the rights to make it. They weren’t ready to make a film and they didn’t want to lose the rights to the franchise
    Trouble is, everyone involved, the cast and crew all thought it was the real deal and was gonna be their big break.


    this is funny :

    In a list of the “50 Top Comic Movies of All Time (…and Some So Bad You’ve Just Got to See Them),” Wizard Magazine ranked this film higher than Batman & Robin, Steel, Virus and Red Sonja, all of which were released in theatres.