Peace Through Superior Firepower Wallpaper



And DAMN, that’s some serious firepower there. I’d hate to be on the receiving end of one of those.

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    Indeed, this is the business end of the GAU-8, a seven-barrel 30mm “gatling gun” cannon, used exclusively (and seen here) in the A-10 Warthog II aicraft, now retired from the US inventory. With a mixture of high explosive and armour-piercing depleted uranium shells, it was the premier tank-hunter aircraft of the cold war era.


    Now retired from the US inventory, huh? Gonna have to let my buddies who work in A-10 units know… they’re gonna be fuckin surprised.


    Well, perhaps they just haven’t gotten the memo, yet? *chuckle*

    Seriously, though, I’ll be perfectly willing to admit that the information I last read on the A-10 was that it was to be competely retired by the end of 2006 – information current as of approximately late 2005. I’m certainly willing to be updated by someone more knowledgable, and personally, I thought the decision to retire the A-10 fleet so soon was foolish. Regardless of the need to chew up tanks, the A-10 has also served superbly in the ground-attack role with bombs, leaflets, and other munitions.


    I like the peace sign.


    wow this is one bad boy 30 mm will rip a hole strait thru any iranian and bsides that bad boy shoots around 5 rounds a second thats 390 rounds a min i think im not sure its been a while seince ive seen one of these


    They were going to remove it from service, but changed their minds. It was used in Viet Nam for close air support, only in low danger of anti air retaliation, as it was thought to be too slow to avoid fire, and slowly phased out in favor of the quicker F-16, which they then mistakenly tried to turn into a fixed wing A-16. It was then demoted to carrying only smokes, and small air to air armaments(lol!!) Only to be realized, in Desert Storm, as a complete beast in air to ground confrontation, and now holds a steady position in… Read more »