Fucking bullshit.

That’s what this is, and it makes Boston look like a bunch of goddamn morons, that have no clue what’s going on around them, and literally shit their pants when they see something that they don’t understand. From a friend:

I mean, a lite brite with batteries?
Is anything now potentially an explosive device?
Holy crap, an old shoe on the side of the road!
Call the bomb squad!


There ARE two parties that need to be arrested and/or penalized for this entire debacle. The idiots that called in a lite bright set as a possible bomb, and the superiors that took the threat seriously. Is this what the country has come to? “Better safe then sorry”? Perhaps we need snipers at the top of all the major buildings, to protect us from all the terrorists that are obviously running amok in our streets. If you live in Boston, I’d suggest voting the idiot mayor out, who can’t tell fact from fiction, and writing some seriously toned letters to your reps.

Apparently, they’ve arrested someone over this. Yay. A quote from the Mayor of Boston : “”It’s a hoax and it’s not funny.” Oddly enough, Merriam Webster definitions of Hoax is impossibly different then the Mayor’s. M-W defines hoax as : “to trick into believing or accepting as genuine something false and often preposterous”. At no time did anyone that had to do with the marketing of the tv show say that they were putting bombs around the city. Perhaps if the mayor would focus on finding the people that DID say there were bombs?


I guess all you can do is laugh and hope you never get caught up in stupidity like this.

Oh, and naming your name subway program after a guy that got lost in the subway is not a good idea either.


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    17 Responses ttto Mooninites ATTACK BOSTON

    1. Caio says:

      According to the Boston Globe: “Turner Broadcasting’s apology did little to assuage outraged officials in the three cities and state government, where lawyers are preparing legal efforts to recoup the cost of the massive police mobilization.”

      They’re gonna sue? For their own stupidity and lack of professionalism? Jesus Christ that’s fucked up.

    2. tiki god says:

      Taken from the apology:
      “We apologize to the citizens of Boston that part of a marketing campaign was mistaken for a public danger.”

      That’s like saying “Man, I’m so sorry there are so many Hurricanes this year, but wtf do you want me to do about it? I can’t control how people are going to react to this shit!”

    3. LordOpie says:

      “They’re gonna sue? For their own stupidity and lack of professionalism? Jesus Christ that’s fucked up.”
      — amen!

      If you rely on the media for your security reports, you should be fired.

    4. crowlord says:

      too right they should sue. “Never forget”

      Flipping the bird.

      They should sue them for littering and obscenity too!

      Just because it is linked to some dumb fuck cartoon that nobody watches doesn’t make it right,

    5. Aristoi says:

      This is one of the dumbest overreactions I have seen in a long time. The mayor should be fired by the city, and the police chief should commit ritual suicide for his massive failure.

      Is this really the kind of society we want to live in, with these kind of people in charge?

    6. StrangerThanFiction says:

      …. but people do watch it. Hence the movie and the resulting hullaballoo.

    7. Zanti says:

      According to the article you linked the boxes are being removed in the other cities where they were installed. Why are they being removed if the authorities know that they are just light boxes and not bombs? Just dumb.

    8. Kero says:

      They have been in other citys for 2-3 weeks. Cities like L.A. and New York, and this is the only city to have an issue with it.

    9. brizzo says:


      You do realize that the “never forget” stuff was PS’ed as a joke, along with the date that all this shit went crazy… the news images show what was really there. Just a fucking lite-brite guy.

      Fuck Boston… idiots.

    10. metprofessor says:

      As a resident of the city of boston let me say: Yes, people are here are dumb as hell. No, they don’t seem to realize it. No, they don’t seem to realize how dumb everyone else thinks they are now. No, I don’t know why I still live here. Though, on the scale of Boston-people-are-dumb-as-shit, just google “Big Dig”…

    11. brizzo says:

      This just in, from CNN:

      “In a news conference, Rich told reporters he had advised his clients not to discuss the incident. Stevens and Berdovsky took the podium and said they were taking questions only about haircuts in the 1970s.

      When a reporter accused them of not taking the situation seriously, Stevens responded, “We’re taking it very seriously.” Asked another question about the case, Stevens reiterated they were answering questions only about hair and accused the reporter of not taking him and Berdovsky seriously.

      Reporters did not relent and as they continued, Berdovsky disregarded their queries, saying, “That’s not a hair question. I’m sorry.””

      That is flat out the most awesome thing I have ever read. EVAR.

    12. Jeff says:


      Do you realize what this little stunt is going to do for the popularity of that show? And the movie? People who have no idea what the deal is with Aqua Teen Hunger Force will go see it just to find out what the hullabaloo is all about. Whatever hellspawn that’s responsible for inflicting that godawful show upon the world is going to benefit from this little “bomb” incident, and that just pisses me off to no end.

    13. anon says:

      Pass the word:

      Peter Berdovsky Legal Defense Fund
      Law Office of Michael L. Rich
      74 Newport Street
      Arlington MA 02476

    14. anon says:

      I just saw a My Little Pony sitting on a fence in Boston. Should I call the bomb squad?!? 🙁

    15. Maltboy! says:

      I think the perps should be tried and sentenced to the cruelest punishment imaginable: Make them live in Boston with all the booger-eating morons for the rest of their lives. Are ALL Bos-stone-ians as stupid as the police, the mayor, and the idiot who called this in? Sadly, yes.

      Furthermore, anything that could conceal a bomb should be immediately outlawed in Boston. This includes backpacks, lunchboxes, hats, purses, coats, pants, and any kind of underwear. Boston will only be safe when everyone living there is buck naked!

    16. oliver clothsoff says:

      How retarded are they. LOOK A MOONINTIE RUN!

    17. Anonymous says:

      I just made and installed a “box” for publicity of a CSI exhibit at the Museum of Science & Industry. It’s in a bathroom at a bar with a “gun-shot” in it.

      When somebody gets close, a motion sensor triggers a digital repeater to say “Hey, I’m a bullet hole. From the looks of it, someone that was short and left-handed fired a .45 caliber from behind that stall. To learn more about CSI, come to the Museum of Science & Industry.”

      I’m just waiting for somebody to call that in as a bomb.

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