Star Wars Generational Poster


So, Carrie Fisher or Natalie Portman?

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    I dont find Carrie Fisher attractive at all… Portman is kinda pretty though.


    ^ you’re gay 😉

    Carrie exudes sex.


    Bad photoshop job. It makes Carrie tiny tiny when looked at next to Portman. LordOpie is right.


    Whatever — as long as the women stay in the back where they belong (*kidding*). Actually, the reason I’m inspired to comment: Despite the host’s protestations to the contrary in the FAQ (“9/10 of the time I can give credit to where it’s due, and even hopefully help the original owner turn a profit on their merchadise”; see also the references to “free press”), I have to say that I almost never see credit given to the original artist, or even a hat tip to the web site where a given piece was found. Links are still free, and it… Read more »

    tiki god

    You have to ask where a Star Wars Promotional image comes from? I’d guess As for giving credit where it’s due, that is still the case, it’s just that there’s usually no way to figure out where any one image comes from. Usually the source, if known to anyone, is mentioned in the comments. If you want know what website the image was found on, your guess is as good as mine. Could have been 4chan. Or maybe space_ghetto, or possibly the LJ livefeed.


    Characters? Leia. No OCD, violent boyfriend with a lightsaber. Actresses? Either, if I could have Fisher in her SW days, not now.


    Portman. The hottness is close, but she’s smarter.


    Wow, CP is a whiney bitch. Tiki does give credit when he knows who made the image, but images like that spread around the Internet like viruses. It’d be impossible to find that shit.


    Fisher. Portman is cute but I can´t get past the girlie looks. I´m no paedo.


    Fisher looks smaller because they show more of her, from mid-calf up, but Portman is shown from the waist up.

    I agree with Robster: Portman over Fisher, Leia (then) over Amidala (now).

    El Chupacabra

    Dude, both. Banging Leia and her mom would be awesome!