Millennium Falcon Map


Just in case you ever need to get lost when you’re onboard

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    …it could use a bathroom or two.


    Try 14, crew quarters.


    “Just in case you ever need to get lost”?

    How is a map going to HELP me get lost?


    You’re right!

    Looks like section 14 has three beds, a toilet and a shower.

    So when it was Han, Chewy, Luke… where did Leah do her thing?

    Not to mention, ewww, Han and Chewy shared quarters, like, all the time.

    Nah, Han must’ve made the Porch Monkey* sleep in cargo

    * just saw Clerks II.

    Crimson Ghost

    Leia can do her thing all over me.

    Han and Chewie, at least, never gave each other “the look”.

    Anyway, what”s cooler?
    Laser pistols and chicks in metal bikinis
    Gay trolls with a ring and a broken sword?

    Thank you and goodnight.


    Anyone thought about what these guys do for food? There’s no mention of it anywhere.

    Though I guess they’re movie stars, the sort that don’t have the same needs as normal human beings.


    didnt they have some sort of food-making machine??? its been too long since i watched these things, man i think ill watch them again just for the metal bikini tho 😛 or maybe startrek for 7of9… hmmmmmmm!


    Whats The game Chewbacca adn R2 D2 Play while on the millenium falcon called?


    There’s no mention of food on the Falcon, but when Luke crash lands on Dagobah to meet Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back, he pulls out what looks like an emergency ration kit and takes a few bites. I’m sure the Falcon has similar stores for emergencies, and there almost appears to be a stove and oven in the far right corner of section 11.


    How many secret compartment aren’t marked though?

    Mike Ishkabible

    You geeks!


    You only pointed out one bathroom…there’s also a “Number 2” hold on the ship. Handy that they seperate that from the sleeping quarters.


    well, i thought the beds were bunks. so that would mean six beds. and remember, this ship was a freighter ship, not a fighter or flagship or any kind of comfort cruise ship either.

    and there are probly food synthisizers in the holds


    As for the sleeping berth, likely enough it only needed to house two people at once, since someone had to be, oh, FLYING THE FUCKING SHIP.


    14 probably uses bunk beds to save space (which means there’s actually enough room for 6 people).

    Tenacious J


    I think the game was called Sabaac, I could be wrong though, it’s been awhile.


    Where’s the shitter? Where’s the galley? Don’t give me that synthetic food either.


    Sabaac is a card game


    Food could be stored anywhere, in any hold. But food and “non-flying the ship time” was prolly in the Main Hold, #7. That looks like the main domestic space with a chair and stool, a cabinet of some sort in the top left corner, and a semi-circle booth around a table for meals and such in the top right.


    Why dosn’t someone just boot up KOTOR and go see where everything is?


    KotOR had the Ebon Hawk, not the Millennium Falcon. Two very different ships. Wookiepedia has an interior map of the Ebon Hawk. Go see for yourself.


    actually this is a trap for all the nerd monsters to prove that they are super turbo nerds who have nothing better 2 do than prove people wrong on their knowledge of starwars



    actually, this is a filter to weed out the non Star Wars nerds. Nerds rule!

    Hans Solo

    Bathroom…see area 11: Number 2 Hold. I don’t know where you’d pee though


    the game was a form of chess, and its a 4 person ship, pilot, co-pilot, gunner, navigator. it has had 5 people sleep in it at once with out any trouble. there are food synthisizers somewhere aboard ship cause its a 3 day trip from Coruscant to Corellia.

    whats it to you?

    lol who cares? just watch the movie like normal people!!!! please!!!!


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