Owl Snowprint Redux

Remember that Owl Snowprint post?

sent these in, with comments:


Marks left in snow after a hawk killed a rabbit. I saw this happen with my own eyes… the hawk probably had a 36″-40″ wingspan, and the hare weighed about 5-6 pounds. This was the scene of the kill; note the tufts of fur, blood, and large area of struggle.


All that was left of the hare after the hawk had its fill.


After the hawk killed the hare, it flew about 20′ with it, and dropped it here. Then it dragged the carcas about 20′ into the woods, where it proceded to eat.

So, based on these scientifically proven to be true photos, I recant my statement on the previous post, and now think it was a bird of indeterminate origins landing on the ground to play scrabble with the lil woodchucks of the forest. Cause everyone loves woodchucks.

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