Polar Bear Apple Ice Cubes


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    How does that polar bear know what apples is!?!


    Because your mom told him about those apples.

    Richard C. Mongler

    I’m gonna post this image everyday until you like it.


    because he can smell them you dumb ass!!!

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    How would a bear, a polar bear, know what a apple is though. That’s the question. It’s not a naturally found food for them. No fruit is. And they don’t feed them to them at any zoo. So the trick is it’s not the apples, the bear likes the ice.

    Understand now, Dumbass?


    Yea, he likes the ice, not those delicious apples sticking out of the ice. I mean how would a polar bear even know how to spell apple? He probably thinks they are cue balls, or something mysterious from outer space that just happens to smell like food.


    I fed my rats ice cubes with peanuts in them. Cooskoo’s mom told them about the peanuts. She gets around.

    Raili Riig

    I´ve seen three polar bears solving that task in three different ways: One bear crushed the ice cube against a wall, one just waited for the ice to melt and the third scraped out the apples from the ice.

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