Big Truck = Little Willy


That thing is huge.  Why would anyone need a vehicle that large?  I would imagine it’s not for inner city use, but still…

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    Photoshop, check him compared to the people in the background. He’s closer and smaller then they are.

    Still a big F’in truck, but not nearly so massive.


    You should check out the LimoJet:


    They use trucks like this on iceland to go offroad on ice. Try googling iceland truck.


    Fuck that photoshopped sillyness. I give you the CXT:×1200.jpg

    100% real. Really fucking big.


    I´d rather buy a tank or APC instead. 😛


    you all are full of shit, no photoshop, i saw that truck tonight in pismo beach, ca when i was out for dinner with my girl…. so i came on the net lookin for pics of it and this is what ive found, so dont think you all are so fuckin smart ey


    Hey danny you are so crazy. Be nice to the unfortunate. This is a kick ass TRUCK. It can stay in Pismo and get all the other jerks a EYEFUL. Keep on Truckin Little Willy owner.


    You sir, are wrong jackshit. Compair the guy in the front with the guys in the left. He is smaller, yet closer. How is that possible? Photoshop, thats how you worthless sack of shit.


    Google “Ford F650.” It’s a real vehicle, a friend of mine owns one tricked out bigger than that. I honestly thought it was a Peterbilt with a Ford-style bodykit.

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