Flirt Vodka Advertisement


Ouch. Ouch Ouch OUCH.

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    I don’t get it…maybe I’m a bit slow here.


    Somehow it seems to relate the glamour of the vodka with the ammount of attraction to women you can get. In a very defined way of intercourse.


    Maybe I’m a bit slow and I’m missing the joke you guys made but the ad seems pretty obvious.

    You get her drunk on vodka and she gets rug burn on her knees when you’re…being intimate with her.


    I think it means she been giving too many rough bj’s…hence the bruises on her knees…


    Oh, I get it…the bottle is a special shape.

    tiki god

    Bj’s on her knees? Have you guys seriously never given a woman rug burns before?

    pro hitter

    this happend to me before, i had rug burns on my knees my elbows and my lower back, they hurt like hell, but i’ll never forget that night.

    pro hitter

    oh i forgot to add, they sure didn’t look like that.


    But did they ever call back Pro Hitter?