Ghost Rider Wallpaper


There’s a Ghost Rider movie coming out soon…but the trailer made me cry it looked so stupid.  How do you screw up the Ghost Rider?

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    At least the trailer’s not as bad as Eragon.

    Marked Hoosier

    How to screw it up? Take a little of the Hulk movie, a pinch of DareDevil, a sprinkle of the Punisher, and top it off with Fantastic Four and Electra. Voilà… a crappy movie!


    you can screw anything up when you cast that no talent ass clown Nicholas Cage


    Honestly? I think it would be a hard movie to get right. Ghost Rider is one of those characters who is cool as a static artwork but is always going to look a bit stupid when you make him move. I just think they picked the wrong Marvel property to film.

    Where’s the goddamned Watchmen movie, you bastards? Get Singer or Fincher on it NOW!


    I think GHOST RIDER is great film… well,nicolas cage do a great job, dont jelous with him..did u think u can do like him too?????
    I waiting continued from the story..


    I loved Ghost Rider as a film – and I can say that I’m a proper fan because I’ve read a majority of the comics. DexX has a point – it’s a hard story to transfer on film from a comic, so it did have it’s cheesy moments (what Marvel movie doesn’t have those?), but I really think the film came out well over-all.