Servitor Looking Dude


This reminds me vaguely of the servitors from WarHammer 40k.  Anyone have any idea what/where this is from?

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    Very interesting! No luck on the actual artist yet.

    Looks almost like a crazy fable or something.

    For those looking, there appears to be a marking in the bottom left hand corner that may be the artist’s signature. Looks kinda like a capital ‘A’ in a circle to me.


    More funny, less warhammer, please.


    I disagree.

    More funny. More warhammer.


    I don’t know, I found the woman prostrating herself before the robot wearing a thong to be rather amusing.


    Or, we could have more funny, & more warhammer.


    Looks like those things in the well in Ocarina of Time.


    Wish I knew. Looks like he’s sentient instead of a lobotomized cyborg. Could be a priest of either the Adeptus Mechanicus or the Ecclesiarchy, though might be any group with a human following, even a Slaanesh cult… That is, if it even is 40K.


    The artist is Justin “Coro” Kaufman.


    warhammer is da shit

    i wanna get warhammer 40,000 dawn of war: dark crusade but my comp wont run it 🙁

    jm trooper

    dark crusaid is cool but it takes up 2gig(alot)
    of memory. oh and robster did u used 2 go 2 valley primary? if so its me joseph m


    Anyone else notice that the chick on the floor (bowing) appears to be wearing either a thong, or sting panties?

    tiki god

    yes. very much so.

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