Guess Who Can Not Marry


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    Allowing gays to marry would undermine the entire meaning of marriage, which is… uh… stuff. You know.


    oh thats bullshit, next your going to say “allowing gays to marry would undermine god”… thats bull shit, gays are not the only ones nowdays that undermine marrage i mean over half of all marrages end in devorce so it means nothing nowdays, and i swear, if i hear another person go on about how its not righ becuase the allmighty bible says i will freak THE BIBLES NOT REAL, THERES NO GOD, n such, so my point after all this ranting is that if someone whos beaten, killed, or raped there last wife can get marryed and a gay… Read more »


    *blink blink* Surely I couldn’t have made my irony any more obvious…


    Holy ballsack batman, throw a period in there every once in a while! Commas are great, but jebus they aren’t the only punctuation to be had!


    I like how in the same RUN-ON SENTENCE, he talked about people forcing their opinions of “gay marriage is wrong”, he was forcing his opinion of “The bible isn’t real, and God doesn’t exist” PERIOD >>>>>.


    ur all jus gay thas wot i think


    Ah fuck. The illiterate jackass thinks I’m gay. Guess I better go kill myself now, life is over. That blistering commentary left me a battered and torn (gay) man.

    Well played, fazzle…


    I know it’s true some people can type without looking, myself being one of them. But Fazzle is a rare breed, he wants so much challenge that he has someone repeatedly hit him over the head with a baseball bat as he types. Or at least by the way he types I think that’s whats going on.


    I’m gay and I’m from Spain and here I can marry with my boyfriend, and the world is not finish for this.


    Ok, the convicted wife beater….umm she probably fell down some stares or ran into a door. The convicted murderer probably shot someone to protect his wife. That works. And the adulterous drug dealing inmate in his twelth marrage is just a blue collar citizen working hard to survive and so what if he likes a little verity.


    Alright now to be serious. Gays getting married is a joke. Its so hypocritcal. They denounce what the bible says about homosexuality. Yet they want to join in something that was created to be a sacred union in front of God. Does anyone else see the hypocracy?

    tiki god

    Sacred union in front of god? Are you kidding me? If you live in a third world country, I guess that’s all you really need to be married. But here in the real world it isn’t any church that approves of marriages, but the state. You get your marriage license from someone that’s been approved by people, not by any imaginary guy in the sky.


    God, I love it when everyone gets all worked up about all this shit, when we’re all here for the same reason…. To make fun of people so we feel better about ourselves. SAY CHEESE!


    Next thing you know gays will wanna start voting, where will it end? I ask you.


    Gays can suck my…..ummmm, wait, I meant to say, gays can kiss my……nope, not that either……well crap….I’ve got nothing!


    anyone ever wonder why every couple depicted here is interracial?


    yeah? I didn’t think there were any gay black people…


    Marriage is for a Man and a Woman. It says so in the Constitution, right? Or the Bible, or whatever. I believe that everything should be regulated by the government: who should you marry, which football team should you support, everything. GOD is LOVE, but if there is one thing that HE hates is fags. And atheists. And anti-patriots. If fags want to be togheter, they should move to a closed neighborhood (a Gay-tto). No, wait, that would be too fascist, wouldnt’it? Oh, okey, anyone should do whatever he/she pleases, and all of us should stop caring for the private… Read more »


    WHICH football?? Hand-egg or football?


    I was hoping the answer was REPUBLICANS.