Server Eats Woman


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    Didn’t they do this in the Superman movie once…the one that Richard Pryor was in?


    Yes! Yes they did. I thought this looked familiar. That scene was SOOOOO cheesy.

    Pete M.

    First thing that struck my mind, too. That specific scene gave me the creeps when I still was a child.
    Second thing: What’s it actually supposed to be? Some fetish?


    oh man.. this kind of turns me on


    Servers dig redheads


    Not to mention the semi-transparent top…


    How porn gets on the internet.



    Rather poor taste, no?


    They did this on an episode of x-files.

    If you didn’t see it, there was a small trailer that had a bunch of servers and stuff in it. It also had 2 places for people. It would grab the person and place these goggles over their eyes, to give the “user” whatever reality it wanted, and it injected the main character with some sort of tranquilizer to make him think they cut his arms off to scare him into revealing something.


    Just jumping on the “Reminds me of that scene in Superman” bandwagon. And yes, it also creeped me out as a child. That and the stretchy bubble they put Superman in. Come to think of it, the acid eating through the floor weirded me out too.


    I could see this being a new fantasy for me.

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