Aircraft Carrier Battlegroup


Anyone know which carrier group this is?

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    Hahaha Battleship

    Original Wanksta

    Uh, that’s not a carrier, dude.


    That’s the USS Essex (LHD 2) which is an amphibious assault ship, not a carrier.


    Well nice to see we have all these military experts around.

    tiki god

    Tell me about it Aristoi. At first glance, it’s a “carrier”, but not one in the traditional/name sense. Guess I should try to look at the big pictures a little more before posts, lol. Cool to see that someone even knew the name of the ship too!


    I’m hardly an expert. Google is your friend. And it helps that my husband just happens to be in the US Navy aboard an aircraft carrier.


    Google IS your friend, but what would you google on this? “Bigass ship with a 2 on it?”


    umm.. it has helicopters on it and control towers…..carrier


    its a helicopter carrier


    if it was a carrier, it would be the uss lexington cv2, but shes been out of service for a long ass time.

    take it from a guy whos been in the navy for a while…its an LHD.

    lisa is right though. its the essex. good eye lisa.


    ok lisa is right…
    the “bigass ship with the 2 on the side” is the LHD essex.

    the ship on the other side and closest to the pier is the USS Vella Gulf the bigger one in the middle is the USS Donnald Cook…im tempted to say that the smaller ship at teh very end is the USS Leyte Gulf. i dont know…im probably wrong on that count. and as for the sub, your guess is as good as mine.


    Actually, all the smaller ships are Japanese, including the submarine. The largest one is Kongo class- like the US Arleigh Burke class but with a larger gun mount.


    It’s been a while but here is the info for the photo above.

    From top to bottom:
    USS Essex (LHD 2)
    Shimakaze (DDG 172)
    Myoukou (DDG 175)
    Hamagiri (DD 155)
    Natusio (SS 584)

    source of info:,_Japan.jpg

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