Natalie Portman Hottie Wallpaper


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    Dr. Joe



    It’s out in the middle of the highway. Be a bud and go grab it?

    Pete M.

    Too bad the quality’s not the finest, plus the colours don’t match where the Pic has been widened.

    tiki god

    Pete, you sure about that? After clicking to see the full size version, I don’t see any color difference…

    Pete M.

    The first part of my statement may be somewhat harsh, I’ll admit that. 🙂
    Here’s a modified version. I indexed the image for the sake of filesize, what wouldn’t split the background if it was of one colour to begin with.
    To be fair, I only see it when I look at my LCD from a low angle. (:

    tiki god

    I would have never even noticed the color split (and I can only see it now when I squint…), but I still think she’s hot. Truth be told, I like necks, so there you go.