Wolverine Vs Darth Maul


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    let me be the first to say:

    Darth Maul would Own Wolverine



    except that darth maul is a sucker that got killed in the first movie he was ever in. Cut in half!


    Lucas killed off the only good thing about the prequels in movie 1 – Darth Maul.


    Yeah, but blame the lame man Lucas for that one. In a fair fight of good directors at the helm, i’m betting on my black and red friend.


    I can’t believe I am weighing in on such a pointless geeky argument, but… Surely even adamantium (a fictional metal) would be cut through by a light sabre (a fictional energy beam). The problem for Wolvie is that he just wouldn’t be able to parry, and Maul’s first swipe would go right through him.

    Just my two pieces of gold-pressed latinum.

    T-Rex Jesus

    If you look at the picture, you notice that Wolverine’s claws are actually just made of bone. This was obviously done sometime after Magento stripped the adamantium off of Wolverine’s skeleton, but before Apocalypse put it back on. Therefore, if adamantium couldn’t block the lightsaber, regular human bone sure as hell couldn’t either. However, that isn’t to say that Wolverine would lose this fight. From Marvel’s Civil War story line, we saw Nitro incinerate Wolverine all the way down to his adamantium skeleton, yet Wolverine was still able to completely regenerate. It is not impossible to therefore assume that Wolverine… Read more »

    ^--- gay

    yeah if this website has left me with one lesson it is that arguing on the internet is like competing in the special Olympics, even if you win your still retarded.

    so good job!


    Wow, come up with that one all by yourself, gay? Must have been hard.

    Wolverine kicks ass, but by merit of range alone, Darth Maul would have to suck ass if he got taken down. That sabre has a lot longer reach than Wolverine’s claws.

    Also little side note here, I don’t really follow X-men all that much (*loved* them when I was a kid, though). I had always thought his claws were pure adamantium, didn’t realize they were just coated bone like everything else… interesting….


    Force Choke. Not much Wolverine can do lifted off the ground.

    D Man

    I think Wolverine would use his brains and go get a light sabre from Toys R Us £89.99 and fight Reddie.

    Donnie Destro

    Yo, is this a movie and where can i get it??

    You guys are SSSOOOO gay!!! “I Think Maul will win!” “I think Wolverine will slice his ass!” Well, i don’t know why i’m doing this but since i’m already on this completely gay website…i’ll just tell you that Maul would kick Wolver’s ass like a chicken eats worms! All maul has to do is jump down and slice Wolverine’s head off. In my conclusion, all you wolverin fans out there…go make out with your mom!!!

    Brendan N.

    god the frigging almighty gives a beautiful example of the duality of the human heart, loathing things in his head, whilst loving them with his heart, like a man that visits gay-prostitutes and beats them up after he has come.

    truly a beautiful performance artist…


    please tell me this is fan art and not something actually packaged for commercial consumption.


    well, it has been shown that there are metals that are resistant to lightsabers. It is possible that adamantium would be resistant. so, if Logan had his adamantium then maybe… but sadly in this he does not, and therefore would be completely reliant on his healing factor which was in overdrive after losing his adamantium resulting in nearly instant healing.

    the question is… does he heal from cauterized wounds?


    Force Choke. End of story. Regenerate that.