What kinda jet is this?  It’s a purty picture!


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    F-22 Raptor

    tiki god

    Awesome, thanks. I should have known that though, I own a couple of them, and fly them every couple weeks. IN MY DREAMS.


    Its really hard to tell in this pic, its either an F-22 Iron Raptor, or an F-18 Hornet. Both have dual angled tail-fins, twin engines, etc. The easiest way to tell for people who haven’t grown up around fighters is in the angle of the wings, but this picture, though remarkable, doesn’t have too good of a wing shot. For now I’m going to agree with the F-22, but you could pass it off as either 😉


    It’s definitely an F-22. I say this based on the shape of the fuselage and nose.

    See how the cockpit sweeps into the fuselage? The hornet’s cockpit is more of the old style bubble shape.

    Also, the shape of the tails: these ones are tilted to the front a bit, that is, they’re closed to being equilateral trapezoid than the hornet’s.


    new standard issue usaf jet, f-22 a. raptor stealth fighter(it is most definatley stealth)


    hey thats me 3flipmafiacompton! yea


    There’s an obscene amount of intelligence devoted to fighter jet knowledge on this site. That having been said… Fine work, gentlemen.