Caps Lock Humor


From the glorious Maddox

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    Although he has a point on this, Maddox is still a royal arrogant asshole. ._.;


    Maddox is awesome.


    guys i dont get it


    It’s a Maddox picture. You are too young to understand.


    i really dont care, you are too gay to have any friends, you are to much of an asshole to give a shit about the way other people spell their words, and you are also too fucking stupid to just say what it means,


    Haha contradicted.
    “you are to much of an asshole to give a shit about the way other people spell their words,”

    If I was “to” (correct word is too) much of an asshole to “give a shit about the way other people spell their words” I wouldn’t correct and point out your many flaws, would I?

    And also considering it says “TURN IT OFF.” and it has an arrow pointing to the caps lock key, I would assume it means “Turn off your capslock”.
    You fail again.


    double fail!
    o wait, he flipped out over nothing.
    Triple Fail!


    Haha, hes probably mad at me because I point out his failures (both at spelling and life) every time he posts.
    He flips out instead of learning to spell and stop failing at life.
    Good times… Good times…


    i dont fail at life, my good homosexual enemy, i intensley rock at life, you, however suck at life (and oh yeah did you know that there is 2 spaces after a sentence not one, you silly, stupid son of a bitch) and you would know that im failing life, do you follow me around, do you know where i live, do you have connections with the government, i mean seriously, kero, what the hell gives you the inclination that i could give a flying fuck about the way i spell my words, and may god so help me if… Read more »


    Haha. Nice essay there kid. I can sum it up in one line.
    *Insert every over used internet sterotype here*
    Also your “correction” on my grammar is wrong. While you CAN use two spaces after a sentance, and it is prefered in formal essays, you don’t really need to in informal writing.
    I find it funny that you took the time to type such a long comment about how you hate me. I’m thinking about printing it out and framing it.


    that entire essay is a run on sentance.
    not meaning to intrude or anything, or my spelling and grammer is any better


    lol Colin, you’re just jelous of Kero’s awesomeness 🙂