Evolution of Religion


Gimme Gimme Gimme!

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    Fair enough. But why some people never realise ou don´t get what you want anyhow?


    Deeply ingrained expectations. When you’re a kid and you ask Santa “bring me a bike!” and you get one, the next year you ask “bring me a video games” and you get one and on and on, you grow up with the unconscious expectation that if you want something, someone will give it to you (invisible men living somewhere out of reach, in this case). Some people DO realize that that ain’t life, but some people can never get rid of that programmed expectation.


    I don’t understand the last one. Give me what. Death? A man on a stick?

    P. J.

    Dude, you’re overanalyzing. Some people are programmed to ask unseen forces for goodies, and that’s it.


    Though I’m not religious now, I was raised Roman Catholic as a kid, and I used to ask Jesus for world peace, to feed the sick and dying in less developed countries, to grant scientists the wisdom needed to help prevent further global warming, etc.

    Granted I was totally concious that everybody else was just asking for their own crap, and sometimes I’d ask for help on a test or something; cause hey, that seems equally important when your five. I never believed in those other two, they always just seemed to lame.

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