Stupid Soldiers


I’m hoping to god that they just heard about what Kerry said from a third biased party, cause if they really thought he was talking about them, then they’re more stupid then they think…

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    “then” they think what? oh, did you mean than? that’s an unfortunate spot to make that mistake. btw, your politics blind you.

    tiki god

    I’m sorry, were you trying to make a point? If so, try again, cause you failed terribly in this attempt.


    wow, twice confused on one page. your rabid allegiance to one political party is pathetic. remember when republicans were so thrilled when they took over in 1994? remember how they spoke of all the wonderful things that would now be possible under their stewardship? ya, you sound that stupid.

    tiki god

    lol anonymous troll


    haha. ya, why don’t i register so you can put me on some DNC spam list. no thanks, asshole. i think i’ll continue to post anonymously – name and ip.


    Double LOL. Incidently, ;alskfjd (how the hell is that pronounced, anyway? Is that polish?) “then” was correct, “than” would be completely incorrect.

    Might I suggest:

    This book
    Looks like you could use it…

    [EDITBYEDITOR: fixed the link in your comment, the url was a bit large, yes?]


    Ok, I’m gonna man up and point it out before you do, I made a mistake. I didn’t notice the second “then,” I thought you were referring to the first.


    tiki god

    Yeah, I screwed up on the word, but i’d like to introduce you all to the KommaKlansman


    haha. ya, you’re definitely better off having discovered it yourself. it has spared you from further withering blasts of oratory.

    tiki god

    lol anonymous troll

    He’s afraid, and wants everyone else to be too!

    Back to the image though, you think they actually heard what Kerry said?


    Don’t feed the troll, ya’ll. You know the drill. He’ll head back under his neocon bridge eventually. Might even click on an ad or two on his way back. That’d be friendly.


    if you aren’t a democratic party tool you’re a neocon? i’m actually a liberal, so you couldn’t be more wrong. i’d hate to see the world through your narrow prism.


    “haha. ya, why don’t i register so you can put me on some DNC spam list. no thanks, asshole. i think i’ll continue to post anonymously – name and ip.”

    You know he can get your ip Neways right?


    Oooo! The classic switch! I’m sure you are liberal, or neocon, or whatever. I know you’re 100% troll, and that’s all that matters.

    Though everyone complains about trolls, usually they are fun.

    So carry on, my dear ;alskfjd, carry on!


    Withering blasts of oratory? Ok now I’m laughing again. 🙂

    “n : addressing an audience formally (usually a long and rhetorical address and often pompous); ‘he loved the sound of his own oratory'”


    I won’t register, but I can affirm, with all the certain that my feeble condition as a human being allow me, that both the soldeirs and the troll did lost the joke. Jon carry made that comment wanting to say “if you don’t study and have a good educational formation and gather knowledge enough to not let yourself be led like sheap by a fool with big ears like Mr Bush, you’ll end up goign to a far awya country, fighting for the said big eared fool’s personal gains and, consequentially, dying there. And, the best part is that, you… Read more »


    Ok, I’ll correct you where you’re wrong. I hate Bush as much as anyone else, but Kerry (its spelled with a Ke by the way) made a blatantly stupid remark, and the world has it on video thanks to countless television shows, newscasts, and glorious YouTube. Soldiers in Iraq are not without news information, television, or running water. I’ve had several friends stationed over there, some are still there, and they’ve all been up to date with world affairs. I’m sure they heard what Kerry said, and like most of the armed forces I’ve met, felt Kerry earned himself quite… Read more »

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