WarHammer 40K – Name That Legion

And to make it interesting, name the legion, rank, and name of the dude here:


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    Well, CLEARLY he’s a Soul Drinker.

    Actually I have no idea. I don’t know WH at all, but the file name says Soul Drinkers…


    They are the Soul Drinkers. My guess would be that was a Librarian of the chapter due to his force staff.

    That artwork is from the cover of Ben Counter’s novel Soul Drinker, so it is possible that the figure is Sarpedon (who was a Librarian), and that may be the Soul Spear.

    Soul Drinkers:
    “Their armour is purple with bone coloured shoulder pad trims and gold chest eagle. Their chapter badge is a golden chalice with three spikes rising out of the top.” — Wikipedia


    What I want to know is why you would armor yourself to the teeth and then leave the MOST vunerable part of you exposed…. I mean seriously, people have known the benefits of helmets for how many millenia now???


    A question I have often wondered. I think it is related to the miniature game, where the leaders were more easily identified sans helmets.  The artwork also seems to still follow this convention.
    In all the books I have read, the majority of the time even the leaders wear their helmets. As you say, they are helpful even 40,000 years in the future.


    well, that guy doesnt have a helmet because see that eagle looking hood behind his head?

    that’s an agis(sp?) hood which amplifies his psychic power, a helmet just interferes with the hood, dampening his powers

    this is artwork from the cover of a book called SoulDrinkers, very good, read it about twice but cant remember the librians name


    The Aegis armor’s psychic hood doesn’t preclude a helmet.

    A quick visual example:

    Sarpedon was the Chief Librarian of the Soul Drinkers at the start of the book (pre spider legs), and later became Chapter Master. I assume it is him if anyone.


    Nerd alert!

    Pot calling the kettle black, of course, but still…


    Oh yes, brizzo. I am the WH40k nerd in residence. Good to see others around. Feel free to suggest some good pictures for posting.


    Leaving the chapter name on the filename was a bit of a giveaway 😉

    Since you’re the WH40k nerd in residence, can you answer me this question(s);

    “How many bolt rounds can both a Mars pattern bolter (with sickle mag) and its pistol equivelent hold?” 😉


    I am, unfortunately (fortunately? I dunno) not a WH40K nerd, though the pics ARE cool….. but regardless, how does one suggest pictures to the great and powerful Tiki God? Cuz I’ve seen some funny ones out there….


    Should you know the answer to that one, ChromeNewt, I bow to you and relinquish my title. I do not know. I’m a fan of the story of 40k, where as the specific rules of the miniature game is not my strong point.

    Agreed the filename was a dead giveaway.

    Good question about the submissions.  I pointed your comments out to him, and he mentioned a form coming to submit stuff.  It should be here “soonish”.

    tiki god

    All this complaining! I’ll make it more difficult next time guys, I promise.  As for suggestions, click here : Make A Suggestion! (it’s on the front page now too)



    What’s funny is, after giving you shit about posting pictures you had already put up here, my first suggestion was for What Would MacGyver Do, which is not only already posted, but on the top ten highest rated… Damnit! lol


    Dude this is seriously weak… you guys take the piss out of religion saying its stupid and then play shit like this religiously.


    Surely dannyboy182, you’re not suggesting that the two are mutually exclusive? Or worse, that we’ve started worshiping Warhammer 40k?

    tiki god

    Hell, I know I bow down before a couple Warp Gods every now and then, Slaanesh is my master!


    Has anyone actually read this book? It sucked (imo) hey lets be Chaos! k! I’ve sprouted 9 legs it’s the emperors will!


    I have read and it and enjoyed it greatly. As for thinking the mutations were the Emperor’s Will, remember too that Chaos was exerting pressure on their minds to accept it.


    i thought id add that that guy, is Sarpeadon from the souldrinkers book series b4 he got his spidy legs