Marlboro Blend 420

Only reason this hasn’t happened yet, is cause no one is serious about making money off it.

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    this is all we need, not only would they harvest the worst buds but they would probably mix it with disgusting tabaco, and to top it off they would put it through that green filter and tax it, yuck


    you know what itd be a good idea, who ever was being sarastic is a dumbfuck because they would obviously use the same tabaco as marbs and heck id shove my own bud in it which i have before so suck it<3


    Coming soon when we get a President / Congress who realizes that there is so much money to be made by legalizing weed and stop with the senseless arrests on petty possession charges. Hell, you can already carry enough for your own personal uses in a handful of states and the cops wont hassle you for it. Legalize it!