LAN Party Eye Candy


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    Whats a hot chick doing with nerds? they wont give her the time of day


    cause they wouldnt know what to do.

    Marked Hoosier

    They have 5 kegs in that picture! Now that is how to LAN!

    Wee Meister

    No, 7 kegs I see. And the chick could be a gamer or there for the beer. And what is up with the Towel- covered heads?? They hiding their screens?


    My friend SJ is a bigger gamer than me and is a damn sight hotter than that chick. Girls do like video games, don’t be so shocked Xo

    And regarding Towel Covered heads, I’ve been to two Lans, and one guy said “I’m hiding my screen so that the guy I’m playing’s friends cant tell him over team speak where i am by watching my screen”

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