Warhammer 40: Chaos Marine


Chaos Marine or Night Lord?

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    Night Lords are Chaos Marines. Night Lords, however, wear dark blue.


    This guy is a World Eater, even though it’s a new picture that’s an old school Berserker. Blood for the Blood God!


    The Gents name is Kharne the Betrayer

    Death Angel

    Greg is right, this is another interpretation of Kharn the Betrayer featured on the first page of the website. His helmet will always look like that so he kind of stands out in a crowd…


    Actually greg may be slightly confused, that helmet style is reminiscant of all World Eaters ( / Khorne Berzerkers),
    Kharn therefore does where a similar helmet, but the biggest give away that this is not him is his left arm, due to the excessive use of his famed chain axe (otherwise known as ‘gore child’) his arm is said to have grown too big to fit his armour, so as represented in all art concerning Kharn and his model.


    oh and Kharn has a plasma pistol