Warhammer Space Marines = StarCraft Firebats?


Now that I’m familiar with the WH4k universe, I’m noticing a LOT of similarities between what the Blizzard crew is doing and the warhammer universe.  Is it just me or are they starting to really copy hardcore?

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    1st: At what point did Blizzard make something that wasn’t a copy?

    2nd: At what point did Warhammer make something that wasn’t a copy?

    tiki god

    What’s warhammer copying from?


    Blizzard, copies warhammer (warcraft, zerg)
    Warhammer, copies everything that came before. (um, everything else.)


    Aliens, Tolkien. Dunno what Mechwarrior was copying. Maybe they invented the idea of giant walking war robots. Hmm. Yes. I’m sure.

    This is like complaining about someone copying Palladium. The whole point of Warhammer is that it’s a copy. Warhammer takes your favorite themes from your favorite sci fi and fantasy worlds, and turns them into miniature battle RPGs. Good on them.

    Good on Blizzard, too. Their RTS copy of Warhammer & Aliens is one of the best RTSs ever made.


    yeah dude i kno wot u r talking about zerg=tyranids
    space marines=terrans
    protoss=edlar well i am pretty sure they(blizzard who made the game in 1997-9???) copied if u wanna talkt more my email is bkwon2@eq.edu.au


    Blizzard used to openly admit they were huge Warhammer fans, at least back in the Warcraft II days. I believe an old PC Gamer preview for Warcraft II mentioned they were running a Warhammer Fantasy game in the development office when they visited.


    There is a designer who created most of the characters from Starcraft, who now works on Warhammer and various animes.


    The style that Warcraft and Starcraft are done it is a copy of the style Warhammer has been doing since the 80s. I read an article that said Warcraft was originally set as a Warhammer RTS but they could not secure the license and so went with their own new IP.

    mr. starcraft

    i have both starcraft and warhammer 40K
    Terrans look bit like space marines and stuff but! they are not copies


    Actually Blizzard was contracted to make Starcraft as the first 40K game. When the contract fell through (over costs etc) Blizzard changed just enough to not get sued. True story.

    Death Angel

    In all actuality it is very difficult not to be seen as a doppleganger now, Games Workshop has taken practically all the various versions of fantasy and sci-fi elements of fiction and done SOMETHING with them


    Thats funny, Warhammer was bringing out books and producing minies over a decade before the guys at blizzard even started writing code…… look at company timeline before making assumptions.


    Well even if Blizzard did copy 40k, Starcraft is still a great RTS and I’m pretty sure it’s more popular than 40k.


    Terrans = Imperium. Taken as a whole, literally everything they are is based on something from the Imperium. The battle cruiser is a chapter battle barge, the marines are pretty much space marines, the firebats are dual heavy flamer terminators (though not as tough), the Goliath is a small warhound titan, the medic is a female apothacary, ghosts are a vendicare temple assassin with touches of culexus Zerg = Tyranid. The only differences are that the tyranid “overlords and cerebrates” are walking 1 man armies in their own right (rather then being helpless). And the zerg have no shadow in… Read more »