Drugged Up Spiders

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When they first tested the atomic bombs, I hear that the scientists weren’t sure if the atomic reaction would stop, or if it would continue until all matter on the planet was consumed.
I would imagine that’s how the scientist that fed the first few spiders LSD felt.  What if through their actions, they were creating a mutant spider, capable of eating tour buses for lunch?  That would have sucked, cause I hate spiders to begin with, but bus eating spiders would be even more terrible!

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    Nice post. If you like things like what you described (i.e. the scientist dilemma and/or drugs) check out “Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond.” It’s a really good book and details some REALLY fucked up experiments the government did. Lots of fun stuff in the book as well.


    Yeah I’ve heard about some of that stuff. Like giving LSD to a bunch of unsuspecting Army officers. One of them had a really bad trip and eventually killed himself. Messed up stuff.


    Whether that particular soldier killed himself is still under dispute (his family seems to think otherwise). And “LSD: My Problem Child” by Abbie Hoffman is much more interesting. Of course, for me, Pihkal and Tihkal can’t be beat.

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