Satan Is My Lord


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    raptor jesus

    why is there a pagan symbol on his sign?
    he fails.


    thats not a satanic symbol.
    what a twat.
    that could have been so much better.


    his “lord” is going to get tossed right into the lake of fire by My LORD the real ONE!


    Haha oh wow, I saw that guy, this was at Georgia Tech.


    Actually it’s used for satanism as well. Usually it’s with 1 point down though I think instead of 2, is the difference.


    Isn’t Jesus the guy that they hung on a cross and pigs blood came out of him. I heard he was a jew child molester and span of satan.


    i like this guy. he has balls. i betcha that the guy in the back with the homo sign was a raging gaywad in high school. even if this guy is a satanist, (which i really don’t support) i give this guy five stars for being casually and peacefully having balls