Canadian Milk Bags


NO way!  The idea of milk coming in a bag is so weird, but I looked it up on the internet, and the internet is never wrong, and would never lie to me.

So here’s an example:


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    They had those in our high school. Cincinnati, Ohio.


    Interesting, but what do you do with the left over milk?


    I live in Canada and I’ve never had anything but bagged milk.


    You don’t need to use all the milk in the bag at once. It comes one gallon at a time just like the US but it’s split up into 3 equal and smaller bags. The bag the guy is holding there is 1/3 of a gallon. Theres a special jug for for them, costs like a dollar. you cut the corner off and pour away. A bag can last up to like a week, but usually they are gone in 3-4 days. So only 1/3 of your gallon gets exposed to air at a time. Keeps it much fresher. We… Read more »


    I remember those! I lived in Canada until I was 7, and we had the special jug and everything. Less waste that way, too.


    Ya we had bags in Ontario… but here in Alberta they don’t so it isn’t all of Canada…

    Not a GrammarRobot

    I, too, have tasted this Canada Bag-Milk.
    Personally I thought it to be quite watery and tasteless.
    Shallow and pedantic. Shallow, and pedantic.


    lol milkbags.