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    Except that weed wasn’t legal to begin with, weed laws have been around way longer than prohibition, and there’s no huge majority opposing the current ban. Besides that, just like prohibition.

    Not a Robot, Really

    Of course, were it legalized, we could tax it.
    A lot.

    Some Guy

    I could care less if marijuana is legalized or not but there are so many things wrong with that ad. They treat pot like it’s a religion that should not be persecuted. Even if it was legal you would still lose your job for using it or having used too much of before your shift. That’s how alcohol still works. There would still be drug tests for alcohol and weed and the company would have the right to say it’s your right to use but it’s our right not to continue employing you too. I knew a guy who quit… Read more »

    tiki god

    Some Guy you’d work somewhere that they test you for off work use of alcohol?

    So if I go home and have a brandy after work, I should be fired for this?

    Some Guy

    Yes, the testing is usually based on an acceptable usage. Meaning they look for people who were binge drinking the night before not people who had a soothing drink. If it comes to feeding my family and advancing my career to better support myself you better believe I’ll refrain from drinking or doing drugs. On the other hand though I do have to mention something that does suck about drug testing. I do believe that the employer has a right to conduct them they need to be conducted with common sense and as a means to protect the integrity of… Read more »


    Yes it is. If my job is shit and if I have to drink myself stupid after work to keep my sanity as long as I don’t do anything to publically embarrass the company and I come to work the next day and do a better job than my colleagues than fuck you man.

    I’m not on some pre-war columbian banana farm. If the fucking gringos pay me with a paycheck not company store credits I will buy whatever legal alcohol I like.

    Some Guy

    Sorry about the text of that last post. It’s too early on Monday. 😐


    Munche: cannibis became illegal in the US in 1937. Before that all uses were legal.
    some guy: there are more important things in life than a high paying job. I’m not saying that weed is one of them, but freedom certainly is.

    Some Guy

    I’m not arguing for it to remain illegal. I’m rather indifferent on the whole thing as far as it’s legality and am rather anti-criminalization. I am not talking about money as much as I am talking about means. Truth is I don’t make a lot of money. I also cherish freedom but know somethings are rights that allow a person to be who they want to be and others are rights just to indulge. There is a difference, not saying I wouldn’t vote to make it legal. Doesn’t a company have the “freedom” to not want to continue employing people… Read more »

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    There’s more money in policing weed than you could ever make in taxing it.

    That is the one and only reason it’s illegal anywhere.


    Henry Ford Built a car out of weed in 1941. he also used hemp oil to fuel it.

    yup, 7 decades ago. scurvy pirates, fo sho.

    peep the footage:


    Vote Ron Paul. he will kill the war on drugs. smoke up you fucking hippies