Nothing Runs Like A Queere


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    this is totally gay.

    Irate stumbler

    it may seem humorous to you but these sort of illustrations incite and allow further hate crimes to happen. Until you have been a victim of a hate crime then you will not understand the seriousness of my objections to your “joke” In regards to the “this is totally gay” comment from Oct 4th. It’s not “gay” as you put it. A persons sexuality is not an appropriate descriptive word. How does “this is totally straight” or “this is totally bisexual” sound to you? If you intend to use a negative word then use a more apropriate word. For example… Read more »


    You sound totally gay.


    umm i think this is wrong but i think gay can be used to describe something…it’s slang…it’s not like gay in the first place meant homosexual. and i think we should respect gay people just as much as we respect drunks, druggies and anyone else living an imperfect life…if you are living the perfect life…then look down on us…but i’m not living a perfect life…and homosexuality i believe is a choice of lifestyle not something you are born with cause i could be gay if i wanted i know if a guy is hott or not, i just choose not… Read more »


    Well, I’m gay and I laughed… Eh. I think some people are much too thin-skinned. I wonder if Irate is even gay him or herself.


    god, shut up.


    Hey. Had to jump in here. It’s pretty easy to say “deal with it” if your aren’t the minority being forced to “deal with it.” theforgiven: If you aren’t gay, then shut up about gay stuff. Don’t tell me that it’s a choice, if heterosexuality is a choice for you, then you ain’t heterosexual. Others: Imagine responding to an ad which said “Nothing runs like a nigger.” It’s an overt reference to violence. It really shouldn’t be funny. Of course the people who designed and sell it ( have every right to do so. But I also have every right… Read more »

    tiki god

    yeah, but “runs like a nigger” doesn’t rhyme with “runs like a deere” does it?


    How are they “Anti-Gay assholes”? The guy a couple posts back said he was gay and thought it was funny. So he’s gay but he’s also anti-gay according to you, Shayalon. It’s just a cartoon image. If I think it’s funny when people in video games die, does that mean i’m Anti-human?


    I think it’s funny when people in video games die, and I AM anti-human…


    hahaha its cause gays run in such a way that nothing else runs, thats why its so great. NOTHING RUNS LIKE A QUEER its great


    Ok. Seriously. I’m 100% gay. This should not be an issue. I thought that the picture was funny as hell. I laughed. And really, it’s so weird that gay people flip out about the word gay being used to describe something. To me, it isn’t what you say, it’s HOW you say it. People will say something is “gay” around me and then realize what they’ve done and apologize. I laugh every time. It really isn’t that big of a deal. Maybe if everyone one of the gay people, myself included, would stop looking at it like its such and… Read more »


    So, this shirt is totally gay.


    It’s funny, I laughed, I did not beat on homosexual people afterwards. Checkmate.


    hi, gay, laughed my ass off.. thinking about getting the shirt.

    sometimes it’s okay to have a sense of humor.


    I am gay & I thought it was very funny. I bet Carson laughed his ass off! A sense of humor is a very good quality and more people should have one. I really did not look at it in a negative way.


    Much of the equipment I use at work is John Deere. Gay or straight, THIS is funny.


    Who cares anymore. if somone is Gay the T-shirt is funny. I have quite a few Gay friends and they are pretty much normal people other than for the fact they like to fuck one another in the ass they are the same as the rest of us.


    I’m gay and would wear the fuck out of this shirt!