Hamsters Are Teh Cuteness!

(Click For Biggie)

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    You got this picture from a different website, which is why you blacked out the left side of the picture because it use to have a logo on it and say ferocious hamsters. You should really give credit to whomever posted this image first.

    tiki god

    Are you on crack or something? It sounds like you know where the picture came from. If you do, then post the fucking link instead of crying like a little bitch, and making some false ass claims.

    Picture came from one of the chans, and as you can likely tell, there was no editing done on my part.  Please see the FAQ(especially #1), and get over yourself.

    tiki god

    PS the hamsters ARE teh CUTENESS!


    hey do you kno where to train hamsters? id like mine to be in an agility show. and i like your response for the first comment…….i like ur strategy loll :]]