Stan Lee- The Man


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    raptor jesus

    ::bows down in worship::


    He’s just an old coot who got famous because of the work of others.


    Like 99% of the other famous old coots


    Just because he didn’t draw the comics, doesn’t mean he didn’t do any work. He wrote the stories. He’s the reason you know who the FF and Spiderman are. Not Kirby. Kirby’s art is amazing, and he designed some (not all, not by a long shot) of the characters, but if it was all about his art, the New Gods would be a lot more popular then they are. The average non comic reading person has no idea who Darkseid and Orion are. It’s the stories that made the FF, Spiderman, Hulk and all the Marvel characters what they are,… Read more »


    I meant to say if it’s a Marvel character from the 60’s, not “…if it’s a character from the 60’s…”