Half Life Two Powns Halo

yeah, but not really, cause the Master Chief would eat Freeman for breakfast

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    Free Man

    Totally! Halo blows!

    tiki god

    OMG, no

    halo ownz


    no its not true no it cant be no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (sits in corner of room rocking back and forth while sucking his thumb)


    Halo 2 is the best graphix game,and half-life 2 and counter strike source are the best online game.. doesnt mean HALF-LIFE2 PWNS … goon.


    chief would shit allover freeman, then make him eat it, and enjoy it. then he would probly piss in his anus or something you know, mark his territory.


    Halo’s just an overpriced overrated p.o.s.

    If anyone wants to know what Halo will be like in a few years just look at Britney Spears.


    Halo might not be as epic as HL2 for MP graphics, but I can guarantee 100% certainty that the Chief would wipe the floor with Gordon Freeman.


    That would be implying that Halo is a good game, despite the endless amounts of kick-ass FPS already available for PCs, Halo has only shined because there are no decent FPS games for consoles.

    Half-Life on the other hand has emerged from the rest by actually being authentic instead of just being a game drowned in hype.


    khh khh lollllercaaust. I’ve never played Half-Life 2, but the first Half-life game was the most over-hyped crap in gaming history. Yeah, it looks amazing, the half-hour opening sequence is the fucking awesomest thing around, the atmosphere is intense, but it’s the ultimate exercise in style over substance. Gameplay-wise, it’s a long series of jumping puzzles and crates, with the occasional good moment scattered throughout the crap.

    Seriously, there are so many more deserving FPSs than either of those two.


    Gordon Freeman: Has the Crowbar. Master Chief: Has a glowing alien-made Sword. Gordon Freeman: Fights the Combine. Master Chief: Fights the Covenant. Gordon Freeman: Leads a world-wide revolution, and made steady progress each game. Master Chief: Spent several games barely keeping the human race from being wiped out. Gordon Freeman: Has Alyx by his side. (w00t Alyx) Master Chief: Has an AI in his helmet and occasionally sees her as an immaterial hologram. (no nookie for the Chief) Gordon Freeman: Can withstand bullets. Master Chief: Can withstand raw plasma bolts. Gordon Freeman: Can carry, at the same time, over 15… Read more »


    I just played the demo for half-life 2… way more satisfying than the whole halo 2 game. Haven’t played 3, but I can only hope that you never again have to endless battle the stupid fucking flood. Worst levels of the game.


    Oh yeah, and masterchief would slaughter freeman, unless he had gravitygun+giantsawblade. xD
    No one expects the giant flying sawblade!