Gothic High School Children

I actually dig that kid in front. The rest look like a bunch o’fucking posers.

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    gothic……hmm…they dont look like archatecture in a church …well not to me at least. but i guess thats cus i hate steriotypical names tired of myself being called goth.but the dude in front does look “goth” as you would call it

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Someone….someone please pay attention to us. We’re latch key kids and though we spend more on these stupid fucking outfits than a Beverly Hills Trophy wife on alimony day we still want everyone to know we’re deep and interesting little peckerwoods.

    btw: That right there…that’s why God put a crack in your ass. So we could all give fucking tards like those those fucking tards wedgies. Good Christ I’d like to drown every one of those self important pseudo elitist (as much as someone with a high school education can be) in a bucket of their own semen.


    That’d take an awful lot of masturbating, yo.


    OMFG WTF!?!?jesus christ this is so sad.
    i graduated back in 03 but i can tell cause of ya. just fuckin a. wow. i’m bummed now.

    somebody tried to tell me i got all hipster and shit, aparently not. kids still stuck on fuckin goth

    but ya. podunk lil fuckin nevada city, california wtf do you expect.

    wow this bums me out.

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