Bruce Campbell’s Right Hand


I had this image anyways, cause japanese girls in bunny suits holding chainsaws are funny, and cute. And then I noticed what was written on the chainsaw. I love it!


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    Um, dude, I think it’s “Blues Campbell’s Right Hand.” Which, is equally odd, seeing as how the Japanese, and other Asian languages, lack the letter “L.” Just a head’s up. It does beg the question of who “Bruce” or “Blues” Campbell is though. My guess, a Slot/Pachinko parlor.

    tiki god

    Holy shit, I gotta stop drinkin so much. It’s rather clear now that I’m sober…

    but I still like the idea of a japanese girl with a chainsaw that says “bruce campbell’s right hand” on it. That’s hawt.


    So is it like a boast by the chainsaw? Like, “holy damn, I just chopped off Bruce Campbell’s hand! I ought to mark this occasion with a new paintjob!”


    Screen cap from Wild Zero if I’m not mistaken.


    Bruce Campbell, hilarious, he’s an actor. Played the tick and he’ll be in the next spiderman movie i believe.


    I only posted that for people who don’t know who he is.
    Not to insult anyones intelligence.

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