Gas Mask Brigade


I can only assume that this was during WW2, and umm…. I dunno. wtf.

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    Creepy in cool way. I love it.


    great pic!
    This reminds me of that Dr. Who episode!
    ‘Mommy?! is that you Mommy?’


    yes it does!!!! taht was an awesome episode.. and that is exaclty what I thought when I saw it!! I loved the Original show.. so I was ecstatic when it came back.. and the new Dr. Who.. was hawt as [email protected]!!!

    tiki god

    Yeah, except Dr Who sucks the big one. terribly scripted show with talentless performers, with deus ex machina plot developments around every corner. A sad state of affairs really… and hot? are we thinking of the same show? The new dr who is plain at best!


    Okay, it’s a matter of opinion on the scripts and endings (though I certainly disagree), but talentless performers? WTF????!!!!!!!


    “with deus ex machina”

    Your favorite band sucks.

    The Doctor is a god, his TARDIS a machine.

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