Street Fighter Vs NOLA

For those of you that get this joke, congratulations, you are offically “old school”.

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    Nice joke and all but why the hell does it have to roll so fast it takes several minutes to figure out its a country the dude is throwing around, and no point even trying to see which character that guy is even he’s familiar.

    tiki god

    Run on sentences FTW!

    And no, it’s not a country that he’s grabbing, it’s the state of Louisiana. You know, the state that got creamed by Katrina in 2005? Here’s the breakdown of “why I think it’s funny”:

    He’s a character from the game “Street Fighter”, and has a special attack named the “Hurricane Suplex” or some shit like that. And thus, an image of him doing his “Hurricane” move on the state of LA is funny. Ergo, any joke explained is no longer funny.


    Yeah, it is. Just “not” as funny.


    The “as” should have been in quotations, not the “not”.


    or maybe it just wasnt that funny in the 1st place


    Still pretty funny though.

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