Religious Fun Poster

Jim Morrion
John Lennon
& Jerry Garcia
Burning In HELL!
Could be Next!
got JESUS?
Someone send this guy back to English class and teach him how to use capitalization and puncuation.
And, if you’re going to try to upset people by listing people in hell, why list people that most pop-listening kids have no clue about?
Jim Morrison who?

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    GOD, I hate these people. The best kind of Evangelists are the ones that are DEAD imo.


    I don’t think pop-listening kinds are their target. Looks like a lot of tents to the left, which says to me “hippie encampment”. Maybe a Phish concert, or some other jam band. I expect everyone there knows who Jim Morrion, John Lennon & Jerry Garcia are.


    wow. if all those people are in hell, why would you want to be anywhere else


    Uh, this was a Photoshopped/MSPainted picture.

    tiki god

    lemme look for some pixels….

    raptor jesus

    I see no pixels!

    I don’t see what good they think they’re doing. Like one of the hippies is suddenly going to say, “Holy shit! I’ve been wrong all along! I better get with these crazy people over here. They seem to know what they’re talking about.”


    yeah its not photoshopped, i saw this. it was at bonnaroo, the music festival.


    I’m 16 and fully understand who all of those people are.
    I agree with that comment “if they are in hell why would you want to be anywhere else”
    Do christian extrememists have registry of who is in hell?