The Count of Monte Cristo


Someone in the land of Japan took this picture. And yes, that’s George Washington on the cover, and no, I have no idea why he’s there.

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    Maybe they thought it was “Count of Monticello” and mixed Washington up with Jefferson…but that would be a stretch.

    Another G

    Actually in the land of China. The titles use only Chinese forms of characters and the publisher name at the bottom begins with “China”.

    Japanese has a whole script for the use of foreign names and book titles.

    Yes, pedantic, but its like a Chinese person showing a picture of a pile of books all in German and saying “in the land of England.”


    It also says “An English-Chinese Collation” on the cover of every book.


    And it’s a french book.


    The cover for “Sons and Lovers” doesn’t look right either.

    I think that’s Abelard and Heloise. OK, lovers.

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