This is a red panda. no really, it’s a panda

Edited for clarity (thanks to wikipedia)

The Red Panda was formerly classified in the raccoon family (Procyonidae), but now many experts, including Wilson and Reeder (1993), classify it as a member of the bear family (Ursidae) or in its own family the Ailuridae. The most recent DNA research places the Red Panda in its own family, within the superfamily Mustelidae. It is not closely related to bears, but more so to the mustelid, skunk and procyonid families. It is native to the Himalayas and southern China. A handful of fossils have also been discovered in North America.

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    Isn’t that a raccoon, though? Looks more like a coon than a panda to me.

    tiki god

    I agree, it doesn’t look anything like a panda…but it’s really is!
    Red Panda


    Damn, I fell right into your devious trap. I should’ve wiki’ed Red Panda instead, I s’pose. Chalk one up for the Tiki God…Keep up the great work. Love the site.

    tiki god

    Well according to wikipedia, even the scientists all had them pegged as coons too!