Another Pentagon High Resolution Picture


What’s up with the hole in the ground with the giant box? I dunno.

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    If you’re talking about the one the guy has the lid open on, its a utility vault. Electric power and water are brought in underground, the vault gives someplace to access them for shutoffs, etc.


    So funny… they want us to think a 767 hit that…. hahahahahha


    Dear Conspiracy Theory pinheads,
    Do you REALLY think our government is capable of keeping secrets that literally thousands of people would have known?

    Also, in the picture, look toward the right side, just below the yellow tape. See the half spool of wire? A HALF spool?

    Are you really that gullible?


    Yes. Because clearly, this is the work of a 747.

    The fact that I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get me… 😛


    He is referring to the hole with the caution tape around it. If you look close(right side bottom, below the tape) you can see what appears to be some really crappy shopping. There is half of a spool in the hole. Its obviously altered, but by who and why?
    You might also not that this is supposed to be, possibly, the most delicate of crime scenes, yet they wasted no time at all to start cleaning up. I wonder if they poured bleach over everything like they did after the slaughter at Waco.