Emma Watson


OMG I feel like a friggin pedo, but she’s very cute now, isn’t she?

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    cordy engler

    hey i am probly the bigest fan i have seen all your movies and well here it go’s i have never been crazyer about a girl so if you want to here is my number austin tx 78733 xxx-xxx-xxxx [edited out phone #, what are you stupid or something?]


    Bwahahaha that’s fucking hilarious.

    Full name, phone number, city and zip code, all posted to a picture on a site that has nothing to do with the actress pictured. Yeah, he’s stupid or something.


    btw, those are the only movies she is in, they suck, the books rock, she is flat……get over it


    Haha you should have left the phone number there to teach him a lesson ;D.


    Why didn’t you remove the tag? Also, look at the way she’s looking at the camera…you know she wants it…how old is she anyway?