Illegal Immigrants are still illegal, no matter what you say.

Setting up the protest / boycott:


And America’s reply to the boycott:

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    problem is if they don’t show up to school, the school will not get credit for their attendance, and the whole school suffers. But yes, this is definitely a tricky issue we all need to address now.


    so, the bottom picture was clearly not proof read, “if you arent going to show up for school ect, then dont show up at schools ect.”

    right on…


    So illegals paid 2/3 of what they consumed?

    Didn’t Bush spend like a billion times more than he put it?


    Lol unlike the whites, a diverse and complex peoples, all spicks (who entirely come from mexico) are exactly the same (spicks including chicks, sambos, eurotrash, towelheads, hindus and gooks – a communistically and terroristically uniform peoples).


    fuckin mexicans


    Of course, if the big agro-businesses, landscape firms and factories stopped hiring them, they wouldn’t have any reason to remain here- would they?

    So who’s fault is it, the poor Latino trying to feed his family or the big business trying to save a buck with cheap labor? Who are we really subsidizing?