Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Someone had asked wtf was up with the kitty picture that was up earlier, it was from a film. This film. one of the most fucked up movies ever, but it was entertaining.

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    We had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a saltshaker half-full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, laughers, screamers… Also, a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of beer, a pint of raw ether, and two dozen amyls. Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get into locked a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. The only thing that really worried me was the ether. There is nothing in the world more… Read more »


    Sorry to contradict you Tiki God but the cats arent from this film….
    its from Avenged Sevenfold’s music video “Bat Country”
    my favorite band, so i know lol


    Sorry to contradict you Crazy5hadow but the cats arent from Avenged Sevenfold’s music video “Bat Country”…
    its from this film
    my favorite movie, so i know lol

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