Ron Jeremy

rjairport0ay.jpgFrom the glorious wikipedia article on this god-like man:

When he entered the pornography industry, he changed his name at the request of his father. Jeremy is referred to as “the clown prince of porn” and “The Hedgehog”. He has gained some notoriety for his long penis, reported to be 9.75 inches (24.76 cm) and for being capable of autofellatio (which contributed towards the “Hedgehog” moniker)….

…His venture into pornographic movies occurred during the “golden era” of 1975 marked by high production values and good quality scripts, with the movies intended for cinematic release rather than video. However, during this era the production of adult movies was still illegal. Jeremy left New York for California but he was arrested on two occasions and faced a lengthy jail sentence before being reprieved as a result of the Hal Freeman precedent in the United States Supreme Court of 1988.

Despite his appearance, he has featured in over 2,000 films to date and has directed a further 100. He claims he gets more work when he is a bit on the heavy side, and this is the reason why he does not try to lose weight. He also claims to have had sex with over 4,000 women. He has said that he finds every woman beautiful, and this is what makes him a very versatile porn actor….

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